Exploring QSGI Inc's Diverse
Portfolio Businesses

Innovative Solutions Across Various Sectors

Exploring QSGI Inc's Portfolio Businesses

At QSGI Inc, we pride ourselves on our diverse portfolio of businesses, each dedicated to delivering excellence in their respective fields. Explore below to learn more about our portfolio businesses:



Leading provider of data center products and services.


Specializing in storage solutions, networking equipment, and data infrastructure optimization.

KruseCom specializes in providing cutting-edge data center products and services. From storage solutions to networking equipment, KruseCom offers a comprehensive range of solutions designed to optimize data infrastructure. With a commitment to quality and innovation, KruseCom is your trusted partner for all your data center needs.

KC Decomm


International End-of-Lease

Facility Services


Facilities & Data Center

Decommissioning Services


Value Recovery Services

for Facilities


Buy, Sell, Move, Install, and

Maintain Generators

KruseCom Decommissioning specializes in providing industry-best data center, facility and asset decommissioning services, as well as sales, service and maintenance for diesel and natural gas generators throughout the world. Our expertise in decommissioning, end-of-lease services, value recovery, power distribution, relocations, and other services related to commercial and industrial value recovery services ensures our clients a smooth, efficient, and secure transition.

Green Energy Masters:


Offering facility services and energy solutions.


Focused on sustainability, energy efficiency, and custom cooling solutions.

Green Energy Masters focuses on facility services and energy solutions. Whether you need custom cooling solutions or reliable generator services, Green Energy Masters has you covered. With a dedication to sustainability and efficiency, Green Energy Masters helps businesses create environmentally-friendly spaces while maximizing energy efficiency.

Buy My Balls


An e-commerce platform for golf ball recovery and resale.


Combining technology and strategic partnerships for quality and sustainability.

Buy My Balls is an innovative e-commerce platform specializing in golf ball recovery and resale. Leveraging technology and strategic partnerships, Buy My Balls offers golf enthusiasts access to high-quality, recycled golf balls at competitive prices. With a focus on customer satisfaction and environmental sustainability, Buy My Balls is revolutionizing the golf ball industry.

Our Approach


Hands-on management and strategic guidance for each portfolio company.


Fostering collaboration and innovation for growth and success.

At QSGI Inc, we take a hands-on approach to managing our portfolio businesses. Our experienced team works closely with each company to provide strategic guidance, operational support, and access to resources necessary for growth and success. By fostering a culture of collaboration and innovation, we empower our portfolio businesses to reach their full potential and deliver value to customers and investors alike.

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