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QSGI is a development company of green technology services firms. Our audience is global, and we have experience in multiple sectors including:

  • Energy Savings
  • Technology Asset Management
  • New Product Sales
  • Used Product Remarketing
  • Enterprise Maintenance
  • Spare Parts Sales
  • End of Lifecycle Management
  • Hard Drive Destruction and Data Erasure
  • Fee-Based e-Waste Disposal
  • Green Recycling
  • Bankruptcy Liquidation Services

Our mission is to generate value for our shareholders as well as for our other stakeholders including customers, vendors, partners, and employees. Our goal is to consolidate companies within our industry profitably, with minimal leverage. Our intent is to use our publicly-traded shares to acquire participating interests in, or complete ownership of, complimentary businesses. By investing in undervalued technology companies, we believe we can generate strong returns for our shareholders while providing liquidity for the companies’ prior owners.

Generate Value


Over the last 20 years, persisting through good times and bad, we have built a management team that has the experience to grow businesses, make tough choices, restructure operations when necessary, and increase shareholder value. We understand the dangers of excessive leverage, and we have worked through distressed conditions before. We are actively seeking companies that need a management overhaul or a quick turnaround.


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